Terms of Use

The company with the name “K22 GLOBAL TRADERS MONOPROSOPI IKE” and distinctive title “K22 Global Traders” (hereinafter “Company”), based in Kifissia Attica on Ikarias street no. 16 with number G.E.MH. 136871801000 and VAT number: 800694751, DOU KIFISIAS), electronic address (e-mail) info@mysuperstore.gr, customer service telephone line 211 345 9000, is the owner of the website www.mysuperstore.gr (hereinafter “Website”).

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Terms of Use, at any time without notice. The Company will post the currently applicable version of the Terms of Use, in order to inform the visitor/user. The visitor/user is requested to check the content of the specific pages at regular intervals for possible changes. The continued use of the pages and/or services of the Website even after any changes means the visitor/user’s unreserved acceptance of these terms.

The Company bears no responsibility regarding disruptions caused by technical problems that may occur due to the use of this node.

The right to modify, upgrade or even suspend the operation of this e-shop belongs exclusively to our Company, which may at any time and without prior notice to users, visitors and customers take any of the above actions.

1. Use

The visitor/user of the Website accepts and consents to these terms of use, which apply to the entire content of the Website including the graphics, images, photographs and files included therein, therefore, must carefully read these terms before the visit or use he will make. If he does not agree, then he must not use the services and the content of the Website.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the content of mysuperstore.gr, including the brand name, URL, distinctive title, marks, logos, images, graphics, photos, designs, texts, software, settings, etc. are the intellectual property of the company “K22 GLOBAL TRADERS MONOPROSOPI IKE” and are protected according to the relevant provisions of Greek Law, European Law and International Conventions.

Responsibility of the visitor/user

The visitor/user of the pages and/or services of this Website assumes responsibility for any damage caused to the Company by bad or unfair use of the Website through the fault of the visitor.

Limitation of Company LiabilityUnder any circumstances, including the case of negligence, the Company is not responsible for any form of damage suffered by the visitor/user of the pages, services, options and contents of the Website, which he/she does on his/her own initiative and with the knowledge of the terms herein. The Company does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors and that errors will be corrected. Also, the Company does not guarantee that the website itself or any other website or the servers (“servers”) through which they are made available to users, are provided without “viruses” or other harmful components.

Third Party Websites and Links

This Website may contain links or references to other websites owned by third parties over which our Company does not control.

Similarly, access to our Website can also be achieved through links that you will find on the websites of third parties, which are beyond the control of our Company.

Our Company does not guarantee or make any promise as to the accuracy, up-to-dateness or completeness of the information contained in these websites and bears no responsibility for any damage or loss that may be caused by the content or information contained therein.

Any reference to a third-party website via a link found on our Company’s Website does not in any way mean that our Company unreservedly approves or recommends the third-party content or websites.

Governing Law and Other Terms

The above terms and conditions of use of the Website, as well as any amendment, change or alteration thereof, are governed and supplemented by Greek law, European Union law and relevant international treaties. Any provision of the above terms that becomes contrary to the law, automatically ceases to be valid and is removed from this, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.

It is expressly agreed that the courts of Athens are competent to resolve any dispute arising from these terms.

2. General Terms of Transactions


                1. Ways of Ordering

1.1Online Order

Before submitting your Order Form online to purchase the products, you will be asked to carefully read the Terms of Use, these General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and to print a copy and save it for your personal use.

You can navigate our online store, freely choose the products you like from mysuperstore.gr and place them in your shopping cart. Then, following the steps indicated to you each time, you should proceed to send your order request to our Company. You will then receive an e-mail from us confirming receipt of your order (“Order Confirmation”). Receive e-mail confirming order completion.

In order to provide you with the best and most complete service and to facilitate your future purchases, during your first order you register as a user of mysuperstore.gr by filling in all your personal information that is requested in the corresponding registration form (Name and Surname, e-mail, Contact Telephone (landline and mobile), Product Shipping Address (street, city, postal code, region). All information sent to our Company falls under the strict policy of protecting your personal data that our Company maintains. Upon registration in accordance with the above, you give your express consent to the collection and processing of your data based on these General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, which terms and policies you declare that you have read, understood and accepted fully and unconditionally.

You can track the status of your order at any time through the “My Account” section.

If your order is in the shipping stage and has been delivered to the transport company, you can find out where your parcel is by means of the shipping number, which will be written on your order.

1.2 Telephone OrderYou can order the products by phone by calling 211 345 9000 on working days and hours. You can chat with our specialized staff, learn more about the product you are interested in and order it by giving the product code listed in the online store.

1.3 Purchase Without Registration/Purchase As Guest

This Website also allows purchases through the “buy as a guest” feature. This purchase method requires only the necessary information (name, email, contact phone, delivery address, city, zip code, country and region) to process your order. Once the purchase process is complete, you will be given the option to register as a member or continue as a non-registered member.

2. Price list

The posted prices of the products are determined by the Company and are always in an easy-to-read position near each product. Prices are subject to change without notice, whenever the Company deems it necessary. Prices include VAT (24%). In the event of an error in the product price, the Company will inform you immediately and you have the right to cancel the order.

3. Order Cancellation

Cancellation of the electronic or telephone order can be done by you if the submission of the order form has been completed, but the products have not yet been shipped, by calling 211 345 9000 and one of our associates will take care of canceling your order. In the event that your order has been paid for, we will refund any amount we received within 14 calendar days. If the order is canceled after it has been shipped and before delivery, you are responsible for the shipping costs. In this case, you will be refunded, within 14 calendar days, only the value of the product. We will process the refund using the same payment method that you used for the original transaction. In cases where the order has been paid by bank deposit, you should inform one of our representatives by phone or send us by email the account to which you want the refund to be made.

  1. Product Returns

4.1. Due to delivery error

                If for some reason your order has been executed incorrectly (wrong product, wrong price, etc.), you must inform us by e-mail at info@mysuperstore.gr or by phone at 211 345 9000, within 24 hours of delivery. We will ask you to return the products. The maximum return period cannot exceed fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt. If you still wish to complete the order, we will replace and reship the products to you, otherwise we will refund any payment received from you. The amount is returned to you in full within 14 calendar days and without any charge to you. We will process the above refund using the same payment method that you used for the original transaction. In cases where the order has been paid by bank deposit, you should inform one of our representatives by phone or send us by email the account to which you want the refund to be made.

For returns of products sent in error, the cost of return is covered by the Company.

4.2. Returns of defective products

                The Company is obliged to deliver the products with the contracted properties and without actual defects, in accordance with article 5 of law 2251/1994 and nos. 534 et seq. of the Civil Code.In the event that you have received a defective product (e.g. products that have exceeded their expiry date on the date they were shipped or the packaging has been opened, or in the event that the item is found to have been tampered with before its expiry date), please contact us at e-mail info@mysuperstore.gr or by phone at 211 345 9000 within 24 hours of delivery to inform us about the identified problem that has arisen with a specific product. We will ask you to return the products to us immediately (no later than five days from the day of receipt).

If after examining the product, which must be accompanied by all its purchase documents as well as its packaging materials, the existence of a defect is established then: we will replace the product with another similar one at no charge to you, otherwise we will immediately proceed with the refund of the value of the product at the time of purchase. The amount is returned to you in full within 14 calendar days and without any charge to you. We will process the above refund using the same payment method that you used for the original transaction. In cases where the order has been paid by cash on delivery or by bank deposit, you should inform one of our representatives by phone or send us by email the account to which you want the refund to be made.

The above obligations of our Company cease in the event that the defect has been caused by you, or the product being returned is damaged and generally creates the impression that it has been used beyond what is necessary to establish its suitability. Products and packaging must be in original factory condition and with intact packaging.

                For returns of defective products, the return cost is covered by our Company.

5. Availability of Products

The products offered through this Website are only available within Greece. All product orders are subject to availability. Availability is indicated on each product. We inform you that the availability of the products changes constantly and daily and despite the constant and immediate updating of the system, what is written may not apply to some products. In any case, as soon as we receive your order, the necessary check is carried out and we inform you immediately by e-mail about the progress of the order. We inform you that in case it is found that the product you ordered is not available for some reason, we will inform you immediately by phone.

6. Delivery of Products

                Subject to the provisions of clause 5 above regarding the availability of products, the delivery of your order will be made to the address you have pre-selected by courier service. Your order will be shipped immediately, except for pre-orders and in any case no later than 30 days from the date of the Order Confirmation. In case of pre-orders, we will inform you about when we receive and when your order will be shipped. The above deadlines do not apply during periods of extreme weather or general strikes and holidays and in any case of force majeure, which may affect transport and delivery times. If for any reason we are unable to meet the estimated delivery time, we will notify you and offer you the option of either continuing with the purchase by setting a new delivery date from us, or canceling the order with a full refund free of charge.

Orders are dispatched within 1 – 3 working days unless you are in a remote area where your parcel will be delivered within 7 days.

In the event that your order cannot be executed due to force majeure (strikes, bad weather conditions, etc.) we will contact you to let us know if you wish to complete your order or cancel it. If you wish to complete your order, we will hold your order in our system until it can be fulfilled, at which time you will be sent an e-mail confirming that your order is ready to be fulfilled.

Please note that if you wish your order to be delivered within certain hours, the courier company will be informed and will try to fulfill your request, but it is not binding.

7. Shipping Cost

Mysuperstore.gr can serve customers all over Greece and orders are sent by Delatola Courier.

Shipping costs via the courier company are FREE for purchases over €49.00 as long as they are not in a hard-to-reach area.

For hard-to-reach areas, shipping orders is FREE and has a minimum purchase of €100. The hard-to-reach areas have been defined by the Delatolas Courier company.

If you want to know which areas are inaccessible please click here.

In Attica and the Mainland, the shipping cost for orders under €49 is €5.39 and a minimum order of €20.

In the islands, the shipping cost, for orders under €49, amounts to €6.50 and a minimum order of €20.

8. Payment MethodsPayment of the price of the products and related shipping and delivery costs must be made using one of the payment methods listed on the order form.

8.1 Payment by Credit and Debit Card

                Regarding payment methods, we inform you that Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted in our online store. If you choose to pay by credit card you must fill in the order form, your credit card number and expiration date as well as the security number. Your credit card details are requested upon completion of your orders if you choose the relevant payment method and are solely for their electronic transmission through a secure environment to the banking institution for the completion of your payment only (transactions will be made from the Bank’s secure digital environment Eurobank The Company does not hold any credit card information in its systems.

When you choose to pay by credit card it is necessary to be present when receiving your order and to have your credit card and ID with you. When the customer is a company, then the credit card must be corporate, i.e. it must have been issued to the details of the respective company and the authorized owner must be present with the credit card and his ID when the order is delivered.

8.2. Bank Account Deposit

8.2.1. You can choose the Bank Account Deposit as a payment method and deposit the price of your order to the Company’s bank accounts below. Below you will find our bank accounts.


EUROBANK : GR58 0260 3150 0008 2020 0909 925

PIRAEUS: GR09 0171 7510 0067 5113 8536 316

NATIONAL: GR26 0110 1410 0000 1410 0419 473

ALPHA: GR76 0140 1460 1460 0200 2023 082

In the deposit information, fill in the order number and your name. Once you have completed the deposit, you should send us the proof of deposit to the e-mail info@mysuperstore.gr. The delivery of the products to the courier company will be delivered once you send us the proof of deposit. If you do not make the deposit within 7 working days, the order will be automatically cancelled.

The costs of the order from another bank to our account are borne entirely by you.

In case you do not have an account with any of the above banks, you can visit a branch of your bank and pay in cash. In the deposit information, fill in the order number and your name. Once you have completed the deposit, you should send us the proof of deposit to the e-mail info@mysuperstore.gr. The delivery of the products to the courier company will be delivered once you send us the proof of deposit.


Pay for your order quickly and easily using your PayPal account.

8.4 Cash on delivery method – Payment upon delivery of the order

You have the possibility to pay the Courier company employee the value of the purchase, immediately upon delivery to your place. The amount you are charged is two euros (€2). We remind you that according to the applicable tax provisions, documents over 499 euros are paid ONLY:

  • by deposit/transfer to a bank account
  • with Paypal
  • by debit/credit card


Areas where the cash on delivery service is not served:


Aegina, Alonissos, Amorgos, Astypalaia, Ikaria, Ios, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Kasos, Kea, Koufonisia, Kythira, , Lipsi, Leros, Nisyros, Milos, Paxos, Patmos, Poros, Samothrace, Serifos , Sifnos, Sikinos, Spetses, Symi, Tilos, Hydra, Folegandros, Psarra,
Areopolis of Laconia, Neapolis of Laconia, Amfissa, Itea, Arachova, Delphi, Desfina


Recipients, for shipments to the island of Mykonos, will be able to collect from:



TEL 2289025325 (9:00 AM TO 3:00 PM)


  1. Transfer of Risk and Ownership of Products.

                Responsibility for the products passes to you once you or a third party acting on your behalf, other than the carrier, has acquired physical possession or control of the products. Ownership of the products passes to you upon receipt by us in full of all sums due in respect of the products, including delivery charges.

  1. Right of Withdrawal

                The consumer, according to the law, is entitled to withdraw from the contract, without stating the reasons, by sending a withdrawal statement (Click here to download the withdrawal form), within a period of 14 calendar days, which begins from the day the consumer or a person designated as responsible for receiving the products (other than the carrier) acquired physical possession of the purchased goods. The declaration of withdrawal is sent by e-mail to info@mysuperstore.gr.

For the exercise of withdrawal to be legal, the consumer must inform within 14 calendar days and return, at his own expense, the product no later than 14 calendar days from the notification of the exercise of his right to withdraw. For a return to be accepted, products must be unused, their original packaging must be intact, undamaged and torn and returned together with the product, accompanied by the retail sales receipt or invoice, have with it all the documents that accompanied the product, to bring all the accessories and additional benefits that accompanied its sale and that they have not been damaged. The return parcel must be properly packed so that no damage is caused to the product or packaging during transport. We would like to point out that in the event that the product does not meet the aforementioned conditions, it will be returned to the sender at the sender’s expense.

The refund of the price paid, including delivery costs (excluding additional costs due to choosing to use a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered), will be made without undue delay and in any event within 14 calendar days of the day on which the consumer informed about the withdrawal. Refunds may be delayed until the goods are returned. Refunds will be made using the same means of payment that the consumer used for the original transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise. In cases where the order has been paid by cash on delivery or by bank deposit, you should inform one of our representatives by phone or send us by email the account to which you want the refund to be made.

We highlight in particular:Given that our products also include products that can be damaged or that expire soon, or that are perishable or that for reasons of hygiene or safety are not accepted according to normal practice and based on business ethics, we inform you that these products are expressly excluded by law from the right to exercise unjustified withdrawal in accordance with article 3l of KYA Z1-891/13-06-2013.

We point out that the criteria for determining the products excluded from the possibility of withdrawal are defined based on the law such as the fragile nature of the products, their ease of deterioration or their short expiration date and have been determined based on common practice and based on the declarations and relevant maintenance and preservation instructions of the manufacturers, as they appear on the indications written on the product labels.

  1. Final Provisions

Any dispute between the contracting parties regarding the application, interpretation, invalidity of the terms of the Agreement, the existence or non-existence of rights and obligations of the contracting parties by contract or tort, shall be interpreted in accordance with Greek laws and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the substantively competent courts of of the city of Athens, to whose jurisdiction the parties voluntarily submit from today.

These General Terms and Conditions of Transactions are governed by Greek Law and among the main decisions are the Greek Ministerial Decision No. 31619 oic./15.3.2017 of the Minister of Economy and Development (Government Gazette B΄ 969) on the Code of Conduct for Electronic Commerce as well as the Greek Presidential Decree No. 131/2003 on adaptation to Directive 2000/31 of the European Parliament and of the Council on certain aspects of electronic commerce.

For the out-of-court settlement of the dispute, you can turn to the competent bodies for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, e.g.:

– to the General Consumer Secretariat of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness (Pl. Kaningos, 10181, Athens, www.efpolis.gr, tel.: 1520, fax: 210 3843549),

– to the Consumer Advocate (www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr, 144 Alexandras Street, 114 71, Athens, tel.: 210 6460734, fax: 210 6460414),

– to the Committees for Friendly Settlement of consumer disputes (Article 11 of Law 2251/1994) which are based in the local Municipalities of the country.Alternatively, the solution of out-of-court settlement through the European Alternative Dispute Resolution Body is proposed. In particular, and in accordance with Directive 2013/11/EC, which was incorporated in Greece with Decree-Law 70330/2015, the possibility of electronic resolution of consumer disputes with the Alternative Dispute Resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution) process is now provided throughout the European Union. If the customer has the status of a consumer (i.e. a natural person acting in a non-professional capacity) and has any problem with a purchase he made from our Website he can initiate the ADR procedure through the single EU-wide electronic consumer dispute resolution (ADR platform) available at:

https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/ index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage

The European Consumer Center of Greece has been designated as the national point of contact for the Electronic Dispute Resolution (Article 5b of No. 70330oc./2015 G.Y.A. Official Gazette B’ 1421). Consumers and traders can contact the European Consumer Center of Greece for any question regarding the operation of the platform and the process of resolving consumer disputes at the following contact details:

Tel.: 210-6460284

Fax: 210-6460784

E-mail: info@eccgreece.gr

The above does not limit in any way the rights that both you and we have to resort to the competent courts.

3. Personal Data


  1. Introduction

The security of your personal data is a high priority for us. We have created this Personal Data Protection Policy to inform you in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, Law 4624/2019 and the other provisions of the relevant current Greek and EU legislation on the protection of personal data, in the capacity of Our company as a controller, including how your personal data is processed when you visit, register or generally use and make purchases on our Website, your rights and how to exercise them. This information is supplemented in cases of personal data processing through cookies by the more specific Cookies Policy.     

                Responsible for the Processing of Personal Data:

The company with the name K22 GLOBAL TRADERS SOLELY INDIVIDUAL IKE, distinctive title “K22 Global Traders”, which is based in Kifisia Attica, Ikarias street no. 16, with number G.E.MH. 136871801000, A.F.M.: 800694751.

  1. To whom the information provided through this Policy
  2. concerns

This Privacy Policy applies to all visitors/users, including both those who visit our Website without having registered and created an account, as well as those who have registered and created an account, regardless of whether they carry out any transaction within this or not.

  1. Privacy Policy

3.1. Definition of Personal Data

Personal Data means any information that refers to the subject of the data, i.e. any information that refers to any natural person to whom the data refers and whose identity is known or can be ascertained. Such data, as defined by the Law and the relevant European provisions, are for example the name, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address as well as user data, such as for example the access code (Password) and IP address.

3.2. Collection And Processing Of Personal Data

For your simple browsing of our online store, the Company does not ask you for any of your personal information. However, the Company, while browsing or using the services offered by mysuperstore.gr, collects and processes browsing data through cookies that relate exclusively to your shopping habits.

The categories of personal data that the Company collects are the following:a) we collect the necessary Personal Data, which are deemed necessary to complete, execute and ship your order. Among these, indicatively, are the First and Last Name, the Electronic Address (email), the Contact Phone (landline and mobile), the Product Shipping Address (street, city, postal code, country), the Billing Address of the order and the Details of Payment and the Type of Document you want us to issue (Receipt or Invoice). In the event that you request the issuance of an Invoice, you will be asked for additional information such as the Company’s Name, Company Name, Company ID, Activity, Address of its headquarters, as well as Contact Telephone Numbers (landline and mobile)

b) in case you provide personal data of third parties (such as Name, Surname, Address, Telephone) we will protect the Personal Data of the Third Party in accordance with this Privacy Policy

c) We also collect information related to your possible request for your service, as well as information that we automatically collect in relation to you, such as your purchase data from your account and from your transactions. Please note that we collect data that you provide to us or that is requested in any of your interactions or communications with us;

d) we collect your Name and Surname, your Email Address (e-mail), Personal Access Code (Password), when you register and open an Account, so that you can complete your purchases from our online store.

3.3. Purpose of Collection and Processing

The personal data you declare when you visit/browse the pages and services of the Website are intended and processed exclusively for the following purposes:

– for the completion and execution of the purchase of the products we offer you

– for the communication between us, and the management of your requests

– to improve the services provided

– for the purposes of statistical research and analysis with data in aggregate form in order to understand how users interact and use the Website, improving our products and services.

These data may not be used by any third party without complying with the applicable provisions.

3.4. Personal Data Retention Period

The Company processes your personal data throughout the validity period of each contract and after its termination or expiration in any way for the period defined by the applicable legal framework.

3.5. Recipients of Personal Data and Purpose of Transmitting Them

Your Personal Data is processed by the Company that has the status of Personal Data Processor.

The Company reserves the right for the above purposes to transmit your Personal Data:

– to the courier company with which we cooperate, in order to ensure the shipment to you of the products you have chosen,

– to third parties, natural or legal persons, who may provide promotion and marketing services on behalf of the Company

– or to our third party partners, who provide technical services.

The Company will not make available for sale or otherwise transmit or publish personal information of the Subjects of the Website to third parties, except for those mentioned above, without the consent of the Subject, with the exception of the application of relevant legal dictates and only to the Competent Authorities. The data kept in the file may be communicated to the Competent Judicial, Police and other Administrative Authorities upon their legal request and in accordance with the applicable legislative provisions. In addition, in the event of a legal provision, official order or official preliminary examination, the Company reserves the right without objection to make the relevant data available to the respective service.3.6. Subject‘s Consent

By carrying out any transaction on mysuperstore.gr, in accordance with the General Terms of Transactions, you declare that you are an adult and accept and consent to this Privacy Policy and in particular:

3.6.1. Create an Account

When creating an Account, if you enter your Personal Data into the Account, you agree that mysuperstore.gr will use this data for all necessary purposes in order to successfully complete the transaction between you.

3.6.2. Order Completion

When completing your order, if you enter your Personal Data, then you agree that mysuperstore.gr will use this data for all necessary purposes in order to successfully complete the transaction between you. In addition, you agree that mysuperstore.gr will use this data for possible refunds to you in case you exercise your Right of Withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of the General Terms of Transaction and the Law.

3.6.3. Processing regarding fraudulent acts

The Company is obliged by Law to report to the Personal Data Protection Authority any illegal breach of the Website’s Personal Data database or the database of any third party data processor to any and all relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is apparent that personal data stored in an unrecognizable format has been compromised.

               3.6.4. Transmission to Legal Services in case of or in the absence of a Legal Order

As the transfer of data is not permitted under the Law, you consent to the transfer of your personal data to law enforcement and supervisory authorities for the necessary protection against risks to state and public security as well as for the prosecution of criminal acts.

3.7. Subject‘s Rights

Providing your Personal Data is a contractual obligation. You retain your free will and choice as to whether or not to share your Personal Data with us, but in the absence of the required data, it will not be possible to conclude or execute the Sales Agreement and your requests by our Company.

In the event that mysuperstore.gr concludes a Contract for the Sale of Products, the processing of the Subject’s data will be carried out for the sole purpose of enabling the Company to fulfill its legal obligations and to comply with the tax provisions and applicable legislation to which it is subject .

You have the following rights under the GDPR:

Your personal data belongs to you. You can ask us to provide details of what we have collected and ask us to delete them or correct any inaccuracies. You can also ask us to stop or restrict the processing, disclosure or transfer of your personal data, and to provide you with the personal data we have collected so that you can use it for your own purposes. However, submitting a request to delete your personal data may also result in you losing access to the services we provide. We will not delete data that we are required to retain by law.

To submit a request regarding your rights or to submit a question, contact us at the electronic address (e-mail) info@mysuperstore.gr or at the customer service telephone line 211 345 9000.

4. Cookie Policys            

  1. What are cookies?

“Cookies” are small pieces of files in text format, which are stored in the visitor’s/user’s browser when visiting a website. The information stored on the computer of the visitor/user may contain information such as which pages the visitor/user visited, the date and time of the visit, as well as a random and unique identification number of the visitor/user. In no case do cookies contain personal information or information that would allow anyone to contact the Website visitor, by phone, e-mail, etc. In addition, with the use of cookies there is no access to documents or files on your computer.

With this use, the website is able to store useful information for the visitor/user’s browsing on the website, as well as to read this information in order to offer the visitor/user a unified browsing experience.

In addition, cookies help us see the performance and traffic of our website, improving its presentation and content, according to the preferences of our visitors.

  1. Which cookies do we use?

Strictly Necessary Cookiess: Necessary cookies help the use of a website by enabling basic functions such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

Such cookies will be deleted when you leave the website.

Statistics cookies: help website owners understand how visitors interact with pages by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

We only use these cookies if you have given us your prior consent.

Marketing: Marketing cookies are used to track visitors to the websites. The intent is to display ads that are relevant and engaging to users and therefore more valuable to third-party publishers and advertisers.

We only use these cookies if you have given us your prior consent.

Third party cookies: when you visit our website, some of our partners place cookies on our behalf (third-party cookies). With these cookies they collect data about the performance of advertisements and your interaction with our Website. We only use these cookies if you have given us your prior consent.

  1. How to control cookies?

Cookies are stored on the computer of visitors/users, who can fully control their application. Visitors/users can disable or limit cookies by modifying their browser settings. This process can also be carried out automatically. However, we point out that refusing the use of cookies may limit the performance and functionality of the website.

  1. Contact

If you have any question regarding this Policy, please contact us at the email address (e-mail) info@mysuperstore.gr or the telephone service line customer 211 345 9000.