Cookie Policy

  1. What are cookies?

“Cookies” are small pieces of files in text format, which are stored in the visitor’s/user’s browser when visiting a website. The information stored on the visitor/user’s computer may contain information such as which pages the visitor/user visited, the time and place of the visit, and a random and unique identification number of the visitor/user. In no case do cookies contain personal information or information that would allow anyone to contact the Website visitor, by phone, e-mail, etc. In addition, with the use of cookies there is no access to documents or files on your computer.

With this use, the website is able to store useful information for the browsing of the visitor/user offers on the website, as well as to read this information so that the visitor/user has a unified browsing experience.

In addition, cookies help us see the performance and traffic of our website, improving its presentation and content, according to the preferences of our visitors.

  1. Which cookies do we use?